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Giardiniera Hot Mix, 12 oz jar (local+organic!)

This is Farmer Mark's favorite food! No joke.  Farmer Katie bought him a case of this as a present and then realized we could offer this to you, too. It's a giardiniera-style hot mix made with local, organic vegetables from farms nearby. It is hand-packed in Chicago.

Why is this giardiniera so good? Here's what Mark says about it: "It's fresh, it's crunchy, and it's perfectly spiced. It's got unique vegetables that aren't always in hot mixes like cucumber and radish, and it also has real olive oil instead of seed oils."

Here's what Central Pickling has to say about it:
"Our take on giardiniera, the Chicago standby. Where most Chicago giardiniera uses an oil-based brine, we keep the oil to the minimum and rely on vinegar to provide zing. We also painstakingly dice the ingredients to make it easier to spoon on top of pizza, tacos, scrambled eggs, pasta, and pretty much anything else that could use some spice and fresh vegetable crunch."

Ingredients: Cauliflower, carrots, celery, hot peppers, pickles, water, vinegar, olive oil, salt, garlic, chili flake, oregano

12oz jar

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