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2022 Salmon Share *Ships in July*

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Order 10, 20, or 50 pounds of Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon.

Micah and Ben fish the amazing Copper River of Alaska, flash freeze their catch of wild salmon, and send it directly to us. Every share includes free home delivery!

Copper River sockeye is world-renowned for its beautiful red color and firm texture - this is the absolute best in the salmon world. 

The salmon is packed in vacuum-sealed individual 8oz portions.  It is flash-frozen after harvest, making this sushi/sashimi-grade fish! 

Micah and Ben fish on a small boat at the mouth of the Copper River and in the heart of Prince William Sound with a 1-2 person crew using a style of fishing known as gillnet fishing, where the crew picks each fish out of the net by hand. It’s an incredibly beautiful, sustainable, and hands on process, much like our small-scale farming at Timberfeast.

Their goal is not to maximize production; rather, they want to produce sustainable, small-scale, high-quality salmon.  

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